[Bards] The job of the Premier Bard (was Greetings All)

Mike C. Baker kihebard at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 28 10:40:36 PST 2012

My summarization, drawn from several sources and reflecting my personal 
Bard-Oath as I understand it and try to live it:

Create [Compose] & provide for a record of / archival of created works where 
possible and appropriate
REPEAT as possible / NEEDED - varying order & manner of repetition as 
appropriate or requested

(we are bards, it's *always* needed, isn't it?)

The rest is mutable, as are most details - and those four (five) elements 
CAN become seriously intertwingled along the way.

Oh, right, one other essential to draw everything up into a nice pretty 
package and make it shiny:  ENJOY WHAT YOU ARE DOING, and express that joy 
in a manner that makes others want to become what you are,  at least enough 
to understand what the very public private joke is...

Amra / Kihe (the DreamSinger Bard) / Mike
Curmudgeon-in-training (and currently a bit of a hermit by necessity)

From: "Jay Rudin" <rudin at peoplepc.com>
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Subject: [Bards] The job of the Premier Bard (was Greetings All)

> I recommend that we be as specific as possible. "[T]o support, encourage, 
> and promote performing" is a pretty phrase, but what does it mean? You 
> could use the same words to describe that duties of each local MoAS, or 
> any performing Laurel, or even those of an Iris or Thistle. Supporting, 
> encouraging and promoting are goals; what are the actual actions that will 
> support, encourage, and promote?
> I'm not picking on Alden - we need to know what the goals are before we 
> work out the actions. But once we accept that the Premier Bard needs to 
> support the performers, that doesn't help him to do so, separate from some 
> actual concrete suggestions.
> We're bards; we should be able to come up with the right clear, concrete 
> words.
> Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
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>>From: Alden Drake <alden_drake at sbcglobal.net>
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>>Subject: [Bards] Greetings All
>>Greetings bards and patrons of the list!
>>It is such an honor and privilage that I greet you all as the new Premier 
>>of Ansteorra.  I apologize for the delay in doing so, but I wanted to give 
>>thought to the role I've been honored with.  To me, holding the title of 
>>Bard comes with a duty to support, encourage, and promote performing, as 
>>well as
>>teaching the bardic arts to all who show interest.  In addition, I would 
>>like to
>>encourage the bards of Ansteorra to come back together in the enjoyment of 
>>arts; to foster a sense of fellowship among performers.
>>But my thoughts and opinions are just those of one person.  That I might 
>>serve you and our community, I would like your input.  What do you see is 
>>role of the Premier Bard, and what can we do as a community to come 
>>together to
>>share our arts?
>>Yours in service,
>>Alden Drake 

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