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Hi this is Duchess Willow de Wisp founder of the "Queen's Bards"

I realize that the Queen's Bards is no longer the "official" representive of Bards in Ansteorra. The Royal college of bards claims that right and as so has laid down guidelines of behavior approved by most of the bardic performers who attends the only offical Royal College of Bard's event the Kingdom Eistoffodd.  

The Queens ‘Bards was never intended to represent all the bardic performers in the SCA. It was started as a small group of bards who wanted to help make the SCA a place with magic. Its members swore oaths to never use satire and to help the Queens and Roses promote courtesy and to keep the histories alive and help autocrats create events that made history come alive. We also had the important duty of sharing our knowledge and wisdom to other performers no matter if they were in the Queen's bards or not. We also tried to keep records of the kingdoms bardic history. We set high standards for ourselves because that was what our small group wanted, but because the Kingdom did not have its own program for performers it fell to the Queen's bards to fill the need. You can perceive that this led to compromises that made everyone unhappy. 

But now that the Kingdom has its Royal College of Bards and it is dedicated to helping all forms of performing there is no reason why the Queen’s Bards or Ancient Bards cannot take up our old roles as we saw them. We can be separate group under the wings of the larger College of Bards. 

I will be teaching a class at Northkeep’s Winter kingdom event in Jan on the word bard and how the role of Bard changed over our time periods and I will relate how this has been mirrored in our own kingdom history. I will discuss things individual performers did in the past and what they can do to make Ansteorra a better place. 

I invite all old Queens’ Bards to attend and add your experiences. This invitation is extended to all the people who were part of the Queen’s bards who were not performers. There were many people who were scholars and organizers who provided the information and set up the contest and circles and made the QB work.  Your information may be more important to our junior members than anything I could say because without your effort most of the things we did just would not had happened. 

I invite all performers to come and listen. You may or may not want to be a QB bard, but the information in the class will give you some knowledge on how so many of the Ansteorran Bards made so much of an impression on the kingdom and the SCA. It should also give you information on setting up circle and other activities that will increase your enjoyment of bardic and other kinds of performing. 

I also invite all Queens’ Bards members to wear your blue slashes and come teach a class like we used to do at our small teaching events. 

Yours an old bard
willow de wisp Journeyman 3rd class Queen’s Bards of Ansteorra

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