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Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 10 07:06:56 PDT 2013

Greetings all,
Bids for Eisteddfod are due September 1.  Last year, no bids were received, so I coordinated with Their Majesties and the KMOAS to hold Eisteddfod at Kingdom A&S.  That worked out ok.  I got some feedback on what went well and what could be improved if we want to go with that option again.  
I'd like some input from Eisteddfod participants though.  Would performers be interested in having an Eisteddfod Discussion meeting at Round Table this weekend?  I'd like to discuss venues, participation, and support, and see what we can do to help improve Eisteddfod.  If people want to meet, I need to know quickly, if we're going to get on the Round Table schedule.  
Alden Drake
Deputy A&S Minister for Eisteddfod

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