[Bards] Bardic List Administration

Scott Fridenberg fitzmorgan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 19:35:52 PDT 2013


Is there anyone on the list who would be interested in taking over as list
administrator?  It would be easiest if it were someone already familiar
with the Mailman software, but it's not hard to learn.  The job mostly
involves checking the stuff the spam filter isn't sure about and deleting
or approving it.  Occasionally you might help someone subscribe or
unsubscribe.    On VERY rare occasions you might be called upon to shut
down a thread that is in violation of the SCA or Kingdom policies, or
delete someones account that is causing trouble.  That almost never happens

If anyone is interested please let me know.  The Kingdom Webminister will
have to approve whoever takes over.

Robert Fitzmorgan

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Eleanor Roosevelt

Fitzmorgan at gmail.com

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