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A small clarification, the pieces do not have to be songs.  The event website (http://shadowlands.ansteorra.org/event/) has a link to Eisteddfod, which gives the format as well.
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I haven't seen much about it on this list, so I thought I'd put out a reminder that Eisteddfod is coming soon. it will take place next weekend at Runs With Scissors/Plays With Fire in the Shire of the Shadowlands. Here's the info regarding Eisteddfod:

The Eisteddfod 
theme/competition will be three pieces: one period song; one audience 
participation/inclusion song; one bring-your-best.

Extra credit for documentation; extra credit for period-style or period
performance for either of the non-period pieces. Most important, 
though, is entertaining the Crown and populace in a manner that fits in 
the new Middle Ages.

If you have any questions about Eisteddfod, contact Andrew Scarhart at scarhart at gmail.com.

For more info about Runs With Scissors/Plays With Fire check the Blackstar, or follow the link from the shadowlands webpage:

http://shadowlands.ansteorra.org/  OR search Runs With Scissors/Plays With Fire on Facebook!
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