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Wed May 7 23:43:38 PDT 2014

A student of virtues true, learning the way of chivalry.
Here begins a dream
A noble vigil night, A vow to be a night
then the crimson belt, is turned in to one of brilliant white.


A tourney and Pageantry, for one who would be king
as the fighters true, take their turn on that tourney field.
Here the dream is real
Our prince and Princess, show all nobility's best
then they take their walk, and Join those who've worn the crown.


Honor and courtesy, Valor and Bravery.
Chivalry grace and Style. The pageantry around the crown
A dream it has begun.
A lords first gallant fight, The lady's beauty bright.
A child's warm smile as the bard sings a lullaby

Chorus alternation

Do you still believe in glory,
and the Magic that's Ansteorra?
In her Lions and Noble Gentry,
and in all we can be.

Do you still believe in glory,
in all that makes Ansteorra?
In her dreams and unseen treasures ,
do you still believe?
do you still believe?

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