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Wed May 7 23:43:38 PDT 2014

Come these greetings,

I have a commission for the Bards of Ansteorra.

I would like to hear the tales of Feats.  You know,
those things we have seen or heard of which
stagger our belief.  These can be the tales of period
feats as performed by people such as Hector of Troy,
Richard the Lionhearted or Geoffrey, Count of
Jerusalem.  They can be feats performed by SCA
legends of the past or the tales of our heroes, today.

Examples:  I once saw Sir Koras fighting with
greatsword vs. 3 men with sword and shield take
the helm off of the first fighter, turn and 1 shot both
of the other fighters, turn and ask the first fighter if
he was ok, all before the helm hit the ground.

I was fighting shortsword and buckler left-handed.
I had legged my opponent and as I closed in for the
kill I realized that left-handed was not the best form
against the man on the ground.  Without thinking I
toss my sword and buckler in to the air, caught them
in the opposite hands, blocked his blow with the
buckler and killed him with the sword in one motion.

I ask that you watch our fighters and tell of their feats.
I ask that you research the past, both historically and
SCA past, and bring me your tales.

I ask that you Bards come and share your hero tales
with me and I will share mine with you.  I am a
generous man and will reward those who entertain me.

Master Jonathan

P.S.  Yea members of the belted circle.  I ask that you
assist the Bards by performing as many feats as
possible that they might have plenty material for their tales.

P.S.S.  The tales do not have to be true.

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