[Bards] Eisteddfod and Steppes 12th Night Update - The Local Weather Looks Good!

Emma Haldan emma.haldan at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 1 21:27:57 PST 2015

Steppes 12thNight – The Weather Is Cooperating!

 According to Weatherbug,winter advisory warnings have been cancelled for the Dallas / Plano area! Whilethere is a strong chance of rain in the early hours of Saturday, it thetemperatures will be in the high 30s. By the 10 am door opening, it will becold, and clear.

 Please check your localconditions as you make your travel plans, and please check the Plano area aswell. As we all know, weather in Texas is highly changeable! Remember, theevent goes to Midnight, so there’s plenty of time to arrive safely and enjoythe day.

 *Fabulous, delicioussideboard buffet included with admission! Yes, you can pay at the door, and itwill include the food. (Starts at 2 pm)

 * Tons of Contests:

      Costume Contest

      Table Decorating Contest

      Subtlety Contest

      Table Top Siege Weapon Contest

 * Room to dance! Danceteachers! Live Musicians!

 * Bring your instrumentsand voice for a Jam Session!

* Located in Plano!

 * Kingdom Eisteddfod (Inits own hall!)

And much, much more! There's plenty of room to set up your table, and the siteis decoration friendly -- we can even staple things to the wall! Bring yourbanners! 

 The site is in downtownPlano, with lots of parking. Several hotels are within blocks of the site.Crash space inquiries should go to Arabella de Montecute (Lisa Wolfe) at: lisakwolfe at gmail.com.

 Please join us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/737161933004202/

 All details, including siterestrictions, are available on the event website:



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