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Cerian Cantwr cerian at minstrel.com
Fri Jul 13 09:37:20 PDT 2018


The Pennsic Bardic Symposium currently has several wonderful panelists, 
but we still need some more. If anyone is interested in being on one of 
the discussion panels, please contact me privately. Thank you.

This year's topics have been suggested by various members of the 
community. I don't believe any of them have been discussed in previous 
years. We are going to need volunteers to be panelists. If you are 
interested in being on the panel for one of these subjects, please 
contact me privately. Hope to see many of you there.

Feel free to forward this message on to whatever social media nooks and 
crannies you deem appropriate.

Facebook Event - https://www.facebook.com/events/1950892435178287/
Web Site       - http://tilted-windmill.com/pennsic47_symposium.html

Cerian Cantwr - Herder of Cats :-)
Provost, Bardic Symposium

_____ War Week Symposium Schedule:_____
The Bardic Symposium is an open gathering for special forums, topics, 
and discussions for the Bardic Community.

___ Monday 8/06 - 3:00 - 5:00 ___
Introductions & Meet & Greet:
Meet your fellow bards.  While many of us already know each other, this 
will give newcomers a chance to match names to faces.

Credit Where It’s Due:
The first of our old favorites.  Whether it’s a performance, a lyric 
sheet in your bardic book, or a blog post; somebody wrote the piece.  If 
that someone was not you, then whoever it is should be mentioned. 
Inadvertently omitting this has caused unfortunate backlash on numerous 
occasions.  (i.e.: there’s a reason the Black Book of Locksley is hard 
to find these days).  Since accreditation is something we want to make 
sure gets done, what are the best ways of accomplishing it in all the 
various circumstances a bardic piece may be found?

___ Tuesday 8/7 - 3:00 - 5:00 ___
Shall I Play Along?:
Accompaniment happens.  Sometimes planned, sometimes not.  It can be a 
single drummer or guitarist,  a choir in five part harmony, or an entire 
army.  If unexpected, the extra help can throw you.  Are there customs 
about when and where to join in?  Are there ways to gently encourage, 
discourage, or guide enthusiastic accompanists during your piece?

Confirmed Panelists:
    Mistress Lorelei Skye

___ Wednesday 8/08 - 3:00 - 5:00 ___
All the World May Be a Stage, But…:
There were a number of different venue related topic suggestions this 
year.  Everything from how to schedule new acts on the Pennsic main 
stage, to how to prevent feast from becoming “hostage dinner theatre,” 
to finding performance opportunities in the real world.  All of these 
questions involve when and where a bard can perform.  They involve 
matters of venue and/or patronage.  It may be time to visit the days of 
topics past and have a new discussion about how to find and/or create 
performance venue.

Confirmed Panelists:
       Master Owen Alun

___ Thursday 8/9 - 3:00 - 5:00 ___
That New Fangled Internet Thang:
The web is an ever changing collection of wonder and, in some cases, 
frustration.  It’s given us ready access to resources we could only have 
dreamed of otherwise.  There are a number of dedicated SCA bardic sites 
out there (MidBards, CalonSong, the SCA Bardic Arts Resource Page, 
PBardic, various social media groups, etc).  Each having a different 
agenda and focus.  Are there any major bardic related sites (SCA or 
mundane) that you think everyone should know about?  Are there any 
specific functions you find most helpful?  Is there anything you think 
is missing?  What do you wish you could do or find bardicly on the web 
that doesn’t yet seem to exist?  How can we bridge the increasing 
communications gap between those using the latest tech and those whose 
tablets are made of stone :-)

___ Friday 8/10 - 3:00 - 5:00 ___
Making KW Cooks & Bards Actually Happen:
Its been a reaaaaaally long two years since the last one (2014).  What 
has been the holdup?  Finding an appropriate site?  A willing hosting 
group?  Someone to run or staff it?  Paperwork at Kingdom or Society 
levels?  All of these things and more are potential obstacles.  What can 
we as a community do to help make a biennial Known World Cooks and Bards 
a regularly occurring event?

Wrapping Up:
What can we improve?  What’s missing?  What classes do we want to see 
taught that aren’t?  What topics do we want to discuss?  How can we make 
the bardic arts and its class tracks even better?

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