[Bg-dance] Yule Dancing

nl33@cornell.edu nl33 at cornell.edu
Mon Nov 25 18:56:44 PST 2002

We did a whole bunch of dancing last Sunday, including: Pease Bransle,
Quen Quer Que, Rostibolli, Horses Bransle, Heralds in love,  Petits
Riens, Black Almain, Bello del Fiore :) Phew, quite a lot of stuff, and
people were picking it up pretty well too!

Thanks to those who came:
Daniel, Sherry, Christine, Patsy, William, Charles, Claire and Dore :)

and for those who couldn't make it... make sure you come out dancing at Yule!

Unfortunatly, the BG music guild can't make it to Yule :( so we're going
with canned music, unless people know of people who can play at Yule? If
you know of someone, email me please!

In service to the dream of dance,

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