[Bg-dance] Demo thanks and Dance Guild tomorrow!

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Sat Dec 13 21:38:36 PST 2003

Thank you to all those who showed up to the dance demo, and waited for the 
High School Band That Never End (tm) to finally finish so we could tangle 
My gratitude goes to HE Thomas, Sharon & Thomas of Conway, Star, Tahira, 
Pegasus, Jason, Vicky, Anna, Robi, Stefan, Kat, Estaban, Kaitlin, Audette, 
Doug & Mot  (I hope I didn't miss anyone).

Reminder that there's a dance guild meeting tomorrow at 6 pm, at the usual 
Wells Branch Rec place. It's our last meeting this year, and will be very 
relaxed and informal (though I suppose that's how it is most of the time ;-))

Yay! Dancing!

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