[Bg-dance] Stressing out over the holiday season?

Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Wed Dec 8 15:37:19 PST 2004

Are you still missing gifts for your mother-in-law, tailor, or rat-catcher?
Did your husband forget to order enough poultry for the Castle party?
Did your neighbour decorate his estates better then you?
Are there too many invitations to boring parties where you're expected to 
small talk your way out of political traps?

Don't despair! The European Dance Guild End Of Year Party is here!
We're meeting on Dec 12, 6 pm. Directions: 
Bring something to share, wear garb if you feel like it. There'll be 
dancing, food and merriment.
All welcomed! Even Moneylenders!

Some past reviews:
"I met a handsome duke at the EDGEOYP and we got married the next day! He 
didn't even ask for dowry!"  -- Janie of Wadsworth.
"There was so much food that I had to purge myself 4 times to eat it all!" 
-- Lady Jacqueline D'Envy
"The dancing was superb. The music lovely. But best of all, it was free!" 
-- Lord Scrooge of  Duckberg

Brought to you by:
	The Committee on Making This World A Better Place To Dance In.
	Next --> How to dance your way to wealth.
Lowrie :-)

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