[Bg-dance] playford question...

stiobhard stiobhard at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 20 19:03:39 PST 2006

this is from the terpischore book though ive seen the
original playford online as well.

i wanted to request it for the next dance... (i swear
the weather wasnt a factor but i suppose its

most of it seems rather straightforward but im a bit
confused by the chorus which is the one complicated
bit. has anyone done this or familiar enough with
terpsichore's notation to unravel whats going on in
that section.

it seems to be similar to black nag perhaps but with
something else going on in this chorus part.

i have a nice recording of the christmas carol that
goes to this dance, i just need to get it put on cd.


Drive the Cold Winter Away (Playford 1651)
(4-5 couples in a line) == In 4 ==

V1 Double fwd & back (2x) 2 (2x)

Ch Face prtnr Ld1 double back & fwd to 2nd to last Ly,
turn her then last
Ly as Ld2 leads other Lds betw Lys2&3, turn L & back
down the set; 4
Same Ld 1 double back & fwd to Ly2, turn her then Ly1
as Ld2 leads other
Lds betw last & 2nd to last Ly, turn R & back up the
set 4

V2 Side R&L w/ partner; Repeat Chorus switching Lds &
Lys roles 4;8

V3 Arm R&L w/ partner; Repeat orig Chorus 4;8

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