[Bg-dance] FW: Rose Ball dance list for this weekend.

Myfanwy ferch Eifion myfanwy at pug.net
Thu Nov 9 14:47:28 PST 2006

Here's the set list for the ball at the Roses event this weekend if anybody
is going....


Ball List for Defenders of the Rose

Set One:
   Ballo del Fiore (Dance of the Roses)
   Queen's Alman
   Hole in the Wall

Set Two
   Gathering Peascods
   Earl of Salisbury Pavan
   Strip the Willow

Set Three
   Rufty Tufty
   Petit Riense

Set Four
   Picking of Sticks
   Pease Branle
   Black Alman
   Quen Quer Que

I would like to have as many folk as possible dance Set One.  It  
starts with the theme dance of the event, Dance of the Roses. Amoroso  
is very easy and very social. Montarde has a decidedly Middle Eastern  
flair. And the set ends with Hole in the Wall, a big favorite. After  
that folk can all spread out to for hafla, bardic, or stay and do  
court dance if they like.

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