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Tim McDaniel tmcd at panix.com
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Anyone else looking to go?  Hearne is only about 2 hours away from
Austin.  The event I went to there was quite low-key and the dancing
was great, so I'm hoping to go again.

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Grant me a moment of your time to invite you to a most special event.
The Shadowlands Fall (Winter) Ball in The Small Hall on January 24th.

At this most auspicious occasion the Shire of Shadowlands invites you
to come out and share a day with us.  We will have fighting in the
"Shadowlands Morning" (starts at 10:00).  Complete with a Tiny Tourney
if enough combatants show.  Throughout the day there will be tables
set up for games and scribal arts as well as an assortment of classes
including beginners juggling.  In the afternoon, there will be yard
and floor games, as well as the return of Horseless Equestrian.  The
Minotaur's Maze will be set up to challenge the dexterity and courage
of any who wish.  Musicians will have the opportunity to gather and
play together, first in rehearsal, then for the ball that evening if
they wish.

That evening, a grand ball will be held, with dances from all skill
levels.  Dancers may also pit their mettle against each other in our
first Dance-Off.  During the ball, a potluck buffet will be set for
the enjoyment of all.

Please, come join us for a fun day of relaxing and dancing.

Bastian Eisengart

-The Less Flowery bits-

    - January 24th, Site opens at 10:00AM closes at 10:00PM
    - Free to all. (Completely free, all ages, member or not) Donations
      are appreciated.
    - Site is DRY and parts are open to the public (city park)
    - Feast is potluck, cost is a dish to share.
    - Restaurants are available within 5 minuets of site.
    - Map and directions available at,

Please feel free to forward on to local lists.

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