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I didn't get to hear the pieces you sang at Yule.  That would be a good start.

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That sounds fabulous!  Count me in.  

Now what can our new choir display to promote our guild as well.....


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>Are you guys up for some music and dance on Jan 8th?
>   Gaston
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>After Laurels' Prize Tourney, several of the BG laurels got together
>and decided to host a workshop to help artisans with their A&S
>displays.  It is primarily aimed at those competing in Kingdom A&S,
>but all artisans are welcome.
>It will be held January 8, 2011, at the Wells Branch Community Center
>Hall (where we had Land Court last June and the demo in September),
>from 9:00 am until late evening.  Artisans will set up their displays
>and receive individual advice and suggestions on their displays and
>documentation in an informal setting.  In the afternoon, the rest of
>the populace is invited in to look at the displays, see what people
>are working on, get ideas for A&S projects, and talk to the artisans.
>Guilds are also invited to bring in projects to display, to promote
>their guilds.  Later in the evening, a mini-revel will be held.
>Details on this will be forthcoming, but I  envision music, dancing and
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