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Hmm, her Excellency envisions dancing so there will be dance.  I suppose now you want me to start cobbling together music sets for the evening <grin>.

I'm busy in the morning, but that should not be a problem as I would think we'd do dance more afternoon and evening.

Dancers, I hope you will plan to attend from 3 pm on so that we can enjoy dancing and fellowship of the hall.

Gaston, do the musicians know Female Sailor?  If not, please consider adding it to the repertoire.  We have a few people that enjoy it.


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Are you guys up for some music and dance on Jan 8th?

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After Laurels' Prize Tourney, several of the BG laurels got together
and decided to host a workshop to help artisans with their A&S
displays.  It is primarily aimed at those competing in Kingdom A&S,
but all artisans are welcome.

It will be held January 8, 2011, at the Wells Branch Community Center
Hall (where we had Land Court last June and the demo in September),
from 9:00 am until late evening.  Artisans will set up their displays
and receive individual advice and suggestions on their displays and
documentation in an informal setting.  In the afternoon, the rest of
the populace is invited in to look at the displays, see what people
are working on, get ideas for A&S projects, and talk to the artisans.
Guilds are also invited to bring in projects to display, to promote
their guilds.  Later in the evening, a mini-revel will be held.
Details on this will be forthcoming, but I envision music, dancing and

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