[Bg-dance] Road trip to Hellsgate

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Sat Jun 16 19:56:32 PDT 2012

Johanna van der Luyden (the A&S officer for Hellsgate), Baroness
Myfanwy, and I were all at Hellsgate Crucible.  We discussed plans for
teaching dance at Hellsgate's Social in the Park, held each Thursday.

Myfanwy is able to make it about every other month.  She (and I) will
be there at their July 5 meeting.  Unfortunately, their populace (==
business) meeting would normally be on Wednesday, but that's July 4,
so they're postponing it to that Thursday, but there shouldn't be a
lot of business.  Myfanwy plans to teach beginner dances then.  She
wants to come up with a dance list.

She suggested that I teach the following week, teaching the same
dances so that they can set people's memory.  That sounds like a good

The drawback is that this will be outside.  Also, it's not clear that
we can get electric power.

Johanna is fine with all this.  I was told by someone that there is a
couple there who went to every dance at Gulf Wars and are eager to
continue, and that there are some people who have moved in from
elsewhere and want to continue dance.

Dannet Lincoln
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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