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Thanks so much for sharing these.  I lack good ones to share back.

King's college site had waxed the section we had planned for social area.  So, the cafeteria now held gate, social area, and dance classroom.  I don't think this was a problem for me and not much of one for Myfanwy, but the Persian dance teacher was extremely soft-spoken, and thought standing in the middle of us was best solution.  I'm fairly certain that she regularly showed a don't-do-this move, but as she said it usually to otherside of circle, I'm not sure.  Sigh.

Robin and Serena also presented their precedence of Ansteorra class.  He presents it historically.  I really enjoyed it because in some ways it helped bridge my years out of kingdom.  I had not realized that we were first kingdom to create grant level orders.  We had talked evening before (they crashed here) about how they want to put it on a PowerPoint slide show for the visual.  I told them to then build it to a prezzi.com presentation, they will wow the folks who've never seen such and it can help communicate relationships.

After my second dance class, i went home and vegged out.  Second you ask...because Hugh last week said, oh I just found out I'm going out of town Friday and asked me what to do.  Double sigh.  So I ended up with an 8:30 class.  Julie also apparently cancelled hers too.  I'm a bit disappointed.

Wish I was there with you.  Of course if I was I would be sounding like a zombie about now, groaning with every step.

Jane "Star" Fisher

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On Jun 23, 2012, at 11:54 PM, Tim McDaniel <tmcd at panix.com> wrote:

> Walking into the hotel behind two fellows who were occasionally
> looking back at me.  (They may have been involved in Saran Wrapping
> a car in the parking lot.)  I get into the elevator with them and
> notice first that one man had sparkly earrings and then that the other
> had large carved wooden plugs in his earlobes.
> "Is that ... Wiccan?"
> "No, I was at a Renaissance dance symposium."
> "Oh, right, that was this weekend. -- Yeah, it looks like something we
> have for our Wiccan rituals."
> "Hm!  This was standard clothing for several centuries."
> "Well, the Renaissance is old, Wicca is old ..."
> I went to ECD classes today in preference to an advanced Gresley class
> and an Amoroso variation class.  One listed Parson's Farewell,
> Whirlygig, and Nonesuch (as in "where I already know all but one
> dance" from yesterday).  I figure I can show up and do the first two,
> and at least learn Nonesuch.  The Parson's Farewell set I was in had
> three people who knew it.  I was the only one in the Whirlygig set who
> knew it, and it went about as you expect for new/moderate intermediate
> dancers.  And then we didn't have time to even start Nonesuch.  OK,
> it's gratifying to be a dance angel, but still, I could have learned
> more Gresley.
> The Whirlygig was a non-Ansteorran version.  (One lady hissed in a "ha
> ha only serious" manner when I told her about doing both as right-hand
> stars.)  The instructor taught the S hays as "the receiver starts the
> hey" -- as in, man 2 turns left and offers right to woman 1, woman 1
> is the receiver.  It leads to extra turning and so I think it's not so
> practical.
> Turns out they found a source that gives a crucial detail about
> Quadran Pavane (the first alman in the Old Measures): it's left,
> right, forward, LEFT, RIGHT, backwards.  The other sources just said
> side, forward, side, back, and everyone assumed it was alternating L
> and R.  Turns out one person, normally the least helpful, wrote a
> cheat sheet note on the back of a document and they specified it was
> left both times.
> The earliest alman source(s?) specify that the double ends with a hop.
> Later ones never do.  Did hops go out of style or did they just figure
> that everyone knew that an alman double in England ended with a hop?
> The alman scholar (Trahearne, as seen on the SCA Dance mailing list)
> is not sure.
> Someone mentioned doing If All the World Were Paper when they had but
> 7 dancers.  They alternated two positions during the choruses, because
> each half of the sets stands idle during half the chorus.  In the
> verses, someone still has to dance with a ghost partner.  It can work,
> but the person doing double duty has to do a LOT of dancing and
> running back and forth.
> I tried a few more solutions to the chafing.  As I reflected on one at
> the end of the evening, I realized that I should not have be
> surprised, as many human problems can be solved by pulling up one's
> shorts and belting them firmly.
> Danel de Linccolne
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