[Bg-dance] Dance Request at A&S Day

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Sat Oct 6 07:51:52 PDT 2012

Thomas of Conway has reserved two rooms at the Wells Branch MUD for an  A&S day on Saturday Nov 10.  There will be two tracks - one  introducing various arts and sciences to new people and the other  focused on preparing for A&S competitions. Mistress Amata, the organizer, was hoping the dance  and music guilds could do an hour class together in the dance room from  10-11 (first class of the day with Intro to A&S in the other room).   It could be like a dance revel with teaching dances to live music or  something more formally presenting the two areas as something to  research and learn about. Up to ya'll but wanted to ask if you could  contribute to the day.  Will be getting something on web after next  business meeting.

Star here:

I would like to see us participate so I'm adding it to my calendar.  Please consider joining in that Saturday.


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