[Blacklake] Calender of events

Brynach Efflam brynach.efflam at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 19:11:54 PDT 2007

Greeting’s unto the populace, from your local seneschal. I am sending 
this out too keep you all informed of the activity planed or going on in 
the area.

*Sunday April 1, 2007** Blacklake gathering/revel/workshop.*

WHERE: Goldsmith community center

TIME: 12:00 pm till 10:00 pm (or when people depart)

ACTIVITIES: Period music, period dance, armor making, persona building, 
Food (by Brynach), fun and festivities for all to be had.

LOCATION: Goldsmith Park on AVE H Goldsmith TX 79741

*April 6-8, 2007** Crown Tournament *http://www.bonwicke.org/crown.htm

Friday quick trip up to set up pavilion and table

SATURDAY, Day trip as a group ETA on site 9:00 am

Give me a call to organize a time to meet and travel



8:30am . . . . . . . . Armor Inspection Opens

9:30am . . . . . . . . Opening Court

Procession and then the tournament to being after morning court.

After evening court removal of pavilion and cleanup

Sunday: Easter time with family. Sunday evening Populace

*April 14-15^th Celt fest*

WHERE: Odessa College Track

Activities: Light fighting, Heavy Fighting Whack a Knight (boffer 
weapons only) and possibly so much more. “If you have classes/demos 
you'd like to present, like dancing and period music, please let us know 
and we'll do our best to incorporate them. Hope

to see a big bunch of us there!”- Lady Elewys

jlusk at crcom.net <mailto:jlusk at crcom.net>

Cost to You: $0 Please remember that in order to enter the grounds free, we

need your name on the Fest volunteer list, you need to be in garb, and you

also need to show up as a worker for the SCA demo area. To get your name 
on the list contact Lady Elewys jlusk at crcom.net <mailto:jlusk at crcom.net> 
or Http://www.texascelticfestival.org/Volunteers.html 

At the end of each night I purpose we get to gather to socialize with 
our SCA brothers and sisters.

*April 27-29^th Champions of Bonwick*

Where: Lamesa

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