[Blacklake] A&S and Fighting at Crimson Tower

Chris England drachenhohle at suddenlink.net
Mon Dec 8 00:06:21 PST 2008

With less than a week to go I figured all of you would be dying to know how
the major events at Crimson Tower are going to work.  Well too bad I'm going
to tell you anyway!


The Arts and Sciences competition will themed with a practical approach.
Yes stained glass and calligraphy are both beautiful and inspiring but will
it keep you warm and fed this winter?  We're looking for the basic home
necessities here this year.  10 points will be awarded for utility (how
useful it is), 10 points for durability (how long will it last), and 5
points for construction (Where it's ugly but it works loses points).  So
break out that cloak with no fancy trim just a the magic to keep you warm,
or that pouch that isn't all that well tooled but hold 5 bottles at least!
This is your time to shine!


The fighting this year for both heavy and light will be a white elephant
tourney.  No albino pachyderms will be harmed.  All entrants should bring a
prize worthy of your competition fighting over.  All prizes will be
displayed for all fighters to see.  As the pairings are fought losers turn
in their card to the list mistress for the next round and winners place
theirs on a prize.  Don't like what you ended up with?  Then challenge the
person who has the shiny your heart is set on owning.  Winners of the
challenge match decide which of the 2 prizes to keep.  As an added bonus the
Western Sentinel and Western Sentry champions titles will also be thrown on
the table.


The weather for Saturday is scheduled for a high of 67.  You can fight all
day in that!  But should it be tooo cold there is room to indoors.  Hitting
with sticks will be achieved!


See you there!


Centurion Gerold Von Drachenhohle

Blacklake hitting with sticks coordinator 

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