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While we are on the process of introductions, let me introduce persona
formally. I am Brynach ap Efflam, I hale form Whales from the 17th century
(1600's). My family was deeply involved in the Catholic Church. Though I was
raised in such a manner, once I came in to my majority, I ventured far from
home. During my travels I fell afoul of pirates, by fortune had it my youth
under my loving mother taught me the skills in the kitchen. By the grace of
God the crew of the Misad were woo from violence by food. I traveled with
and cooked for them, they became family. Now I have sought broaden my view
of the world and started down the path warrior servant. I look to serve my
King, Country, Kith and Kin.

Personally, my name is Russelle Bragg; I live in Goldsmith TX, with my wife
Amy, who also plays. We have 3 wonderful boys, who have been able to make a
few events. They seemed to love it. I have been in the SCA for 6 years;
primarily you would find me behind the grill/stove, even when I wasn't the
feast steward. I still have a passion for cooking, but now I look to do more
fighting, I have started light fighting, I am working on getting heavy
fighting gear made/bought.

In service to a Dream

Brynach ap Efflam
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