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Okay, we're looking at doing putt-putt May 2nd in Odessa.  Anyone have any major blocks on that date?  Everyone I've spoken to has the day open thus far, so let's tentatively place it on the calendar as a shire get-together.  We're thinking of doing putt-putt about 2PM and then going to someone's for dinner and just some hang time, so just let Al, Amy, or me know. :)  Or just post it to the list. :)
A&S this week will be at Lady Katie's in Odessa - 4224 Winchester at 6:30ish-7PM.  Hope y'all can make it!  I don't have any projects just yet, but we can always find something to work on, and if you need help with garb, Katie is excellent help! :)
I'm going to find out more about painting tonight, and I'll let you know as soon as I know something.
Champions is Bonwicke's Defender event.  There will be tournaments, A&S to look at, and tons of fun with people from the region and kingdom. :)  Since they're holding it at Sweetwater (at least that's what the Blackstar said, right?), it's relatively close to us. :)  There's camping available, or you can day-trip it since it's technically close enough to us for that.  If you need camping help, just let one of us know. :)
I can't think of anything else, but that doesn't mean much! :)

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yay - PUTPUT!! :D cool!! Of course, my schedule is entirely open so whenev is cool. Whats the Champions thing all about? 
Hmmm... I may need garb, I'll let you know. My ultra-scientific-garb/sewing experiment may or may not turn out er... wearable.
Alex has a new tunic though <3 Yay for baby garb!! *everybody go 'EEE!!!' with me!


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That's actually a really good question. :)? Did we decide when we wanted to go play putt putt in garb?? Afflack and Sorcha (Amy) suggested indoor putt-putt in Odessa.? Sometime in the next two weeks is fine;?Gerold and I?travel?Easter weekend and then we have some other sporadic things this spring. :)? If you're interested in coming with us, let me know!
Also, don't forget: Bonwicke's Champions is next month, so that's definitely something we'll all want to attend!? If you need help making garb for it or you're needing to borrow something, just let me know!
And just so everyone knows - we got scrolls to paint!? I will be contacting Magnus again to reconfirm when we can paint at Ulrica's residence. :)? We're looking at the April 7th because Lochlan and Madeleina will be back by then. :)
As soon as I know where we can be for A&S next week, I'll post it or have someone else do so. :)
If other plans need to be made or whatever, let us know! :)

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hey whens our next doing-things-thingie? I just discovered how to make danish pastry so i wanna try it out on you guys ;)


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