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Tue Jul 1 22:27:03 PDT 1997

Greetings to everyone, I thought that as it has been several weeks since
I last updated you on  my sister, Rachel, that now was a good time. 
While she continues fighting, she is getting weaker by the day.  We
started a central line for medicine (IV) on Monday; it will not be used
to deliver nourishment at her request.  She continues to see angels at
her bedside on a continuous basis.  Hospice says that the end is very
near, but only the man upstairs know when that will be.  I hope that it
will be soon because I am so tired of seeing her in pain the way that she
is.  I am so afraid to touch her, but I do just so that she knows that I
am near.  As many of you know; for the last several years prior to this,
we (my family and friends) were raising money for a heart transplant for
Rachel, until we realized that she could not survive.  During that time,
she wrote a poem that I wish to share with everybody.  I hope that you
will read it and understand why I am rambling.

Your Heart, My Soul by Rachel Eckard

Hello, my savior!
I don't know your name and probably never will.
Tom, Jane, Sally, or Bill;
I don't really care.
My, don't we make a pair?
One ill, one healthy;
Both so wealthy-
In love.
The gift you've given me
Will Set my spirit free.
I hope to give back to you
The lack of life to lead.
Please, don't make me plead
For forgiveness in taking your life.
I pray you don't have a wife
To mourn your loss.
If I don't stop to count the cost,
Then I will be able to go on.
Michael, Betty, Paula, or Do;
I don't know your name and probably never will.
To just get through,
I must think of you as Christ.
The second person to die for me,
I pray for your soul to be free.
Please help me to make others see,
How very much your gift means to me.
Have you ever seen a snow white dove?
If I do, I'll be sure to give it your love
Your life is such a beauty,
Your death such a shame.
Sometimes I feel I am to blame.
Young or old,
Your body is not yet cold.
Please forgive me,
But we will both soon be free.
In different ways;
Our life plays out,
To be forever united with one heart.
>From you to me,
So that I can breathe.
I wish I could lay a wreath,
Upon your grave.
Your family is so brave,
To face this overwhelming pain.
Please don't think of me as a bane.
I must say these things to you.
It is what will pull me through.
The thought of your death
Has the power to steal my breath,
I don't know your name and probably never will.
Your life and gift gives me chills.
I will never be able to repay
You. That's all I can say.
I pray and pray and pray
For your last days
To be the best in history
This is truly our victory.
In the heat of the April night,
I will see the light
Of your spirit.
Hear it, my heart calls to yours,
Remember, remember I will always love you,
Fir it is you and Christ that pulled me through.
I don't know you name and probably never will.
God speed, my Savior.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

Lord Angus Duncan Cameron
Warren T. Klinger
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