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Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Wed Apr 1 05:32:21 PST 1998

Brent Hanner said something that sounded like:
> From what I have been told there are two main proposals on the table.

Actually, I *think* there are many more than that. The two main
proposals being presented are "small" vs "large". At this point, "small"
and "large" have not been defined.

> One is the southern region (Ravens Fort East,  all groups currently in the
> region and all the area south of I-10 west of 35),

This is close to one of the proposals. Basically the Southern Region plus
the groups south of Victoria. (Of course that might be what you said but
I'm confused by the Raven's Fort inclusion since they are in the
Southern Region.)

Unfortunately both Loch Solier and Seawinds are having events that
weekend so there may be little representation from that part of the

> The other one is both the southern and western regions(This one
> apparently does not have as much support).

This is one of the large proposals.

Unfortunately I have to admit that personally I've only made it to one
Bonwicke event so far. Fortunately I had so much fun that I plan on
visiting more often.

> The reason that Trelac, BlackLake and Emerald
> Keep are listed is because they are close to the proposed border and
> because of this were asked what they thought.  That is what this is.

Unfortunately, I see this as a bit of bias. The person presenting the
"small" Principality is also the person organizing the meeting and from
Tempio. If you notice, they are the only groups outside of the Southern
Region that were including even when there has been groups in the southern
Coastal area express interest.
	(Maybe the thinking is to see if the Southern Region wants to
	do it first and ask others later, but I see this as a bad plan.)

I would like to encourage one and all to come, or send a liason, to
represent their point of view, either for or against any of it. This is
an early meeting to find out if there is interest. If there is shown
enough interest that the entire Western Region would like to come in
mass or not at all, I would enjoy having it being known by one and all.

Yes, it would be a large Principality, but I see that as a good thing.
Although *I* don't want it to become a Kingdom, it is good to plan for
it to become one in the future. Never intentionally limit yourself.

As well, remember if the gene pool is too small, you get some nasty
side-effects.  *grin*

Just some words from a Southern Region person who is still undecided on
the whole thing.


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