WR - Re: WR: Western/Southern Principality Proposals

RLPortwood RLPortwood at aol.com
Wed Apr 1 15:41:01 PST 1998

Have you noticed that the discussion of principality always happens about this
time?  It must be Spring Fever.  First of all, I don't particularly want to be
limited to playing with and competing against other areas outside the
"proposed" principality areas.  I like to go to Dallas and play.  I like to go
to San Antonio.  I like to go play in Oklahoma.  I think they are all a lot of
fun and a bunch of them come out here and play, too.  Really ask yourselves
why do you even want a principality.  Is it because we can make our own rules?
Is it because we can make our own peers?   Is it because we can make our own
awards?    That's not how it works.

Find out all the details before you jump on the band wagon.  We're just not
ready for it.  Let's have fun as a whole.  It's worked this long.  Why fix it
if it ain't broke.

I would really like to hear people's reasons why they want a principality.
Let's start the conversation rolling.

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