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Hi Pug!  You make some good points here.  I think that, just like puberty,
the Principality Thing is coming whether we want it to or not.  I,
personally, think that we have to move forward or we will stagnate.  I think
this could be an excellent way of improving our Kingdom.  It just depends on
your mindset.  If you don't like change, this will be a killer.  If you are
into adventure, you should be willing to try this on for size so to speak.
And....I see us as all being a bit adventurous or we wouldn't be in the SCA
to begin with!  Question is?  Which part of the Kingdom is the most

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>Brent Hanner said something that sounded like:
>> From what I have been told there are two main proposals on the table.
>Actually, I *think* there are many more than that. The two main
>proposals being presented are "small" vs "large". At this point, "small"
>and "large" have not been defined.
>> One is the southern region (Ravens Fort East,  all groups currently in
>> region and all the area south of I-10 west of 35),
>This is close to one of the proposals. Basically the Southern Region plus
>the groups south of Victoria. (Of course that might be what you said but
>I'm confused by the Raven's Fort inclusion since they are in the
>Southern Region.)
>Unfortunately both Loch Solier and Seawinds are having events that
>weekend so there may be little representation from that part of the
>> The other one is both the southern and western regions(This one
>> apparently does not have as much support).
>This is one of the large proposals.
>Unfortunately I have to admit that personally I've only made it to one
>Bonwicke event so far. Fortunately I had so much fun that I plan on
>visiting more often.
>> The reason that Trelac, BlackLake and Emerald
>> Keep are listed is because they are close to the proposed border and
>> because of this were asked what they thought.  That is what this is.
>Unfortunately, I see this as a bit of bias. The person presenting the
>"small" Principality is also the person organizing the meeting and from
>Tempio. If you notice, they are the only groups outside of the Southern
>Region that were including even when there has been groups in the southern
>Coastal area express interest.
> (Maybe the thinking is to see if the Southern Region wants to
> do it first and ask others later, but I see this as a bad plan.)
>I would like to encourage one and all to come, or send a liason, to
>represent their point of view, either for or against any of it. This is
>an early meeting to find out if there is interest. If there is shown
>enough interest that the entire Western Region would like to come in
>mass or not at all, I would enjoy having it being known by one and all.
>Yes, it would be a large Principality, but I see that as a good thing.
>Although *I* don't want it to become a Kingdom, it is good to plan for
>it to become one in the future. Never intentionally limit yourself.
>As well, remember if the gene pool is too small, you get some nasty
>side-effects.  *grin*
>Just some words from a Southern Region person who is still undecided on
>the whole thing.
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