WR - Re: WR: Western/Southern Principality Proposals

Aaron & Brita Crator at iglobal.net
Wed Apr 1 16:56:29 PST 1998

>I would agree to at least listen to a serious proposal. The WR may have
>a lot to gain with pairing up with another region. A western
>principality is a good goal, but a half dozen groups just isn't a large
>enough number to do the job. 
>We were going to have to do a lot of growing or recruit some neighboring 
>shires and baronies. This may be the group we need. It can't hurt to
>discuss the mattter.
>                       Garth
>Minister of Information to House Crane and Blessed by The Hat 

and Brita wrote,

> As much as I think it would be exciting to be a principality, I do not
think that this >proposal is in the best interest of the people of
Blacklake.  Personally, I would like >to see the Western Region and the
Central Region become a principality.  It is an >easier drive for some in
the region to travel south, some north, and some east, but >no matter what
the decision , it should be a very carefully polled and well thought >though
idea before anything is set in stone.


    I don't want to offend the Southern Region at all, it just seems that
the Central region would be more suitable for us to 'pair' off with if that
is to be the scenario that gets up a Principality.  Most of their groups
are within an average of 6 hours from most of the western groups.  They
are closer than the groups from the Southern Region. 
   I guess that I'm one of the stick-in-the-mud types.  I like Ansteorra as
she stands now, BUT, if we are gonna do this Principality thing, then let's
make it at least as comfortable as possible for the groups within it. Make it
what the groups want it to be.  If the rest of the Western Region wants a
10 hour drive for events, Ok, I'm in, but I'd rather be driving 5 to 6.


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