WR - [Fwd: ANST - Southern Principality Proposals at Tempio]

Aaron & Brita Crator at iglobal.net
Wed Apr 1 17:02:20 PST 1998

At 11:20 PM 3/31/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I'm curious is it just Trelac and Blacklake that are part of this
>discussion or is all of the Western Region at Stake!
>If it's just these two Shires I say NO don't split the West
>It's small enough already. If it's the South and West (all of us)
>this may be a possibilty. I am very much against splitting the Western

   Right now Rosario, Blacklake and Treloc are the only two mentioned/invited.
But once the subject comes up, I don't know if they will want all of the 
Western Region.  I mean, look at Adlersrhue, they are a bit far from the rest
of the Southern Region.  How many of the Southern Region would show up
to one of their events?  Probably about the same number that show up now.
Meaning few to none.  
    If it comes to breaking up the Western Region into pieces, I'll fight it all
the way down.


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