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Wed Apr 1 20:10:57 PST 1998

In a message dated 98-04-01 20:05:07 EST, you write:

<<  Right now Rosario, Blacklake and Treloc are the only two
 But once the subject comes up, I don't know if they will want all of the 
 Western Region.  I mean, look at Adlersrhue, they are a bit far from the rest
 of the Southern Region.  How many of the Southern Region would show up
 to one of their events?  Probably about the same number that show up now.
 Meaning few to none.   >>

Again - from what I understand all western groups are welcomed to this
discussion.  As far as those who show up at Adlersruhue I saw a number of
people from Bjornsburg at Bards and Arts - an event that even a number of
people from the souther part of the Western Region did not attend.  Also I've
been informed that numerous individuals will be attending Bonwicke's Octavian
from the southern region.  Lastly - I also agree that the west must go as a
whole or not at all.

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