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Chiang chiang at odsy.net
Wed Apr 1 20:49:51 PST 1998

Got this off the Crane List. Thought those of you that had been trying to keep up with HE Gareth's hat would want in on some of the Legend.
  Chiang, Minister of Caring & Understanding for the House Crane
 and the Sacrificial Seneschal for the Barony of Bonwicke 

ulrica wrote:
> Just as long as the prize isnt that &(*$% hat!
> Ulrica
>> >  Remember the contest for the most profitable deal made during the
> >year. This was announced last fall. The prize will be awarded at Gothic.
> >I have selected a prize that is rare and beautiful.
> >  So far there are no entries in the contest. As usual the judge is
> >accepting bribes. I have one bribe so far. He did not make a highly
> >profitable deal; he just paid me to say so (it wasn't Chiang)
> >
> >  Garth
> > Minister of Information to House Crane, Baron to the Court of Ansteorra
> >and all-around Wonderful Human Being

Harken all disbelievers.
   The tell of The Hat has been written in books and told as legend 
throughout history. Some say Merlin placed it upon Arthur's head before 
giving him Excaliber. Alexander wore it a he rode across the known world 
and made it his own. Ghegis Khan had many portraits made of him wearing 
The Hat.
   Believe if you wish, dream at your best, but laugh not. For The Hat is 
real. I have held it in my hands and felt its power. Be warned all 
disbelievers, for it is out there.

Toshiro Koi, Minister of tales, true and false.

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