WR - P word

Cad and Martha cadmartha at drbcom.com
Thu Apr 2 09:45:41 PST 1998

Everybody needs to get the information on what a P can do on it's own.  Now the hard part about this is just like everything else most of ti is in Kingdom law not Corp.  What makes this hard is it isn't in our Kingdom law.  So you have to go with what makes sense.  The Prince and Princess most likely could give awards from Grants down not peerage.  Everybody remeber a P is STILL part of the mother kingdom and does not mean someone will build the great wall of peanut butter and french beard  (old joke ask some of the old farts) to keep you in and others out.  This line always seams so far out but that is always somebodies reason they are against P.  So if we arew going to talk about this lets voice ideas and see what can fly.  I think everyone agrees on keeping the WR entact.  In my opion  ---- the only way to ensure that is us becoming a P.  Joining with any of the existing regions as they stand now will not be good or fair  ( pick your own word) for every group inthis region.  The last figures I had the region had the population but just barely.  The number of groups is low but this west Texas the number of towns is low.  I would like to hear ideas on how we could do this and benefit the region as a whole.

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