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Cad and Martha wrote:
>   The last figures I had the region had the population but just barely.  The number of groups is low but this west Texas the number of towns is low.  I would like to hear ideas on how we could do this and benefit the region as a whole.
> Cad
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I researched the existing Principalites' Law before drafting the law for
the region of Glenn Abhainn in Meridies.  Most Princes give AOA level
awards with the dispensation of the Kingdom Crown.  Most Kingdom Crowns
reserve anything higher for Themselves.  Most Principalities also have
internal awards that carry no precedence or may carry an AOA. The awards
may be created with the idea that the P will beocme a Kingdom, or the P
can be a sovereign P forever.  The P does not ever have to advance to K
if it or the K doesn't want to.  That's the current standard.  Some of
the better guidleines are found in the old copies of Corpora which had a
lot more specific procedures in them.  At least they can give you some
good ideas.  Many existing P have their law on the net so if someone
wanted to go looking, they would find a lot of info. As you said, it's
pretty open but there is a lot of experience to base these moves on.
We just moved from an area that recently went through this successfully.
The region is waing for the formal expected BOD approval at this time
and will soon be celebrating an advancement in status. 

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