WR - Re: WR: Western/Southern Principality Proposals

deidra gough cat_eyes at juno.com
Thu Apr 2 13:33:46 PST 1998

Did you ever consider it is time to grow and change a little.  Just
because we are part of Ansteorra does not mean we don't play with the
Outlands.  There is no reason why we should be "against" groups outside
the principality.  I, for one, refuse to think of the regions as "us...
and them".  Consider that we are all in this for the same goal-- to
learn, grow and have fun.  If there had been more people around with your
mentality on the subject  20 years ago, we would all still be part of
   Besides, I think something around here is real broke and is no closer
to getting "fixed".  Something has got to change, and soon.

L. Deirdre the Easily Distracted

Resurrection?? Been there, done that.  Can you say "Isis and Osiris"??

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