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Thu Apr 2 19:04:48 PST 1998

Attention Western Region

The Barony of Bonwicke is hosting an Islamic Persona Workshop  on
Saturday April 4th in Bonwicke (Lubbock).  Anyone interested in playing a
Middle Eastern Persona or in contact with a Middle Eastern persona (and
not entirely sure why they do some of what they do) is encouraged to

   Instructors will include  Sir Asad, Lady Shoshona, and Duchess
Elisheva of the Outlands and Sir Mahadi and Countess Valeria.  There may
be others, as well.  

   Some of the class will include:  Daily Life and Ettiquette in Islam, 
Men/Women in Islam,  Ideals vs. reality,  East vs. West in Moorish Spain,
 The Cursades from the Eyes of the Middle East,  the People of the Book, 
Costuming, Men's turbans,  Women's turbans and headwraps,  Eating
Ettiquette,  How to make a Tent and possibly Dance Ettiquette.

The site is at the party house at the park at Quaker and 42nd.  Site
opens at 9am, closes at 5pm.  There is no site fee. Garb is optional.

These classes promise to be fascinating and entertaining.
A revel is scheduled for Saturday night.
If anyone is interested, a local African restaurant hosts a drum circle
on Saturday nights-- it is BYOB, and there are plenty of noise makers
available,  and there will be dancing.  Info will be made avail. on site.

 There will be crash space available-- contact Chiang or Eisen.

Hope to see you here
L. Deirdre the Easily Distracted

Resurrection?? Been there, done that.  Can you say "Isis and Osiris"??

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