WR - Bonwicke's Middle Eastern Symposium

Chiang chiang at odsy.net
Tue Apr 7 21:56:11 PDT 1998

   This last weekend it was Bonwicke's fortune to host a small regional symposium  on Middle Eastern Culture. I would like to take this time to thank the people who showed up to learn and further their knowledge. I would also like to extend my heart felt thanks and appreciation to the people that taught those classes. Without you we could not have furthered our knowledge and understanding of the middle eastern cultures.
   The instructors were Their Excellencies Mahadi and Valeria from our fair Kingdom. From our gracious neighboring Kingdom the Outlands did come Her Grace Elisheva, His Excellency Sir Asad, Lady Shoshone, and Lady Kiear. 
   Once again I would like to take this time to publicly thank them for their time and efforts. They all drove a long distance to share their knowledge and wisdom. We cannot thank you enough. Know that you will long remain in our hearts and memories for your actions. Because of them you have helped our Barony, Region and Kingdom to grow and prosper.

  Chiang, Minister of Caring & Understanding for the House Crane
 and the Sacrificial Seneschal for the Barony of Bonwicke 

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