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Marcus Hite mbhite at mailbox.arn.net
Sat Apr 11 13:04:53 PDT 1998

Greetings Paul,

Glad you liked the card.  I have answered your questions and made comments

paul a kaveshan wrote:

> hey marquet!
> thanks for the card, unfortunatly, I can't see it.  My computer is
> without modem at the moment. (using friends)
> I have question for you.
> As the local rapier marshall,  can you authorize fighters?

No, only Regional Marshals and  select others (Dons, ect..) may actually card
fighters or marshals.

> Have you requested classes for your fighters to be authorized fighters or
> marshall?

Yes, I did request a Marshaling class  to be taught and Bards and Arts (local
event).  Eisen  did teach a great class there.  Not as many people as I would
have like took the class; however, the class was fully taught and several people
in my shire (and other attendants) were carded as marshals.They also had a
marshaling class at 12th Night, and are planning to have one at Octavian.

> Have you had success in getting any help from the Western regional
> Marshall?

I haven't had any problems that required me  to get in touch with my regional
marshal. There was some confusion when the new rules came out, due to the fact
we changed regionals about the same time as we got new rules.   I have talked to
him about questions on the new rules and gotten  good answers.I hope this helps
you in your project.  Overall, I am happy with the regional marshals I have
served under.  I am giving up my office soon because I have held it for almost 2
years.  They could always be closer and visit more often, but everyone has
mundane lives too.

I hope I can come down to Bonwicke again soon.  I always enjoy fighting with the
group there.  I am getting My shlegger (spelling off  bad) soon and hope to be
doing some Heavy Rapier as well.  Please feel free to come up here to Adlersruhe
(Amarillo) to our practices, if you or anyone is in the area.  Our practices are
on Sundays at 1:30 pm and on Thursday nights at 6:30 pm till dark.  Make sure to
call before coming up (806) 379-6798, to make sure we're not all at an event or

May we meet on the field as friends,
Marquet de la Heyt

> Just working on something.  Don't tell people.
> Paul
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