WR - Mendersham's event!

Susan M Galindo lilystar at juno.com
Sun Apr 12 14:58:33 PDT 1998

You that didn't get to attend Mendersham's event, shame on you! Except
for the 50 mile an hour wind gusts and collasped tents it was a very nice
and fun event. 

Here are some of the details:
Viscount Sir Dorn  (Crossroads Keep) won the Heavy weapons tournament
Lord James (Bonwicke) won the Light weapons tournament
Lord Chiang (Bonwicke) and Lord Gavin (Trelac) were given recognition for
their fighting. Best death went to HL Thorfinn (Trelac)

Viscount Sir Dorn  (Crossroads Keep) won for Best German Brew
Lord Sigrun inn Harfagri  (Blacklake) won for Best Non-German brew
Lord Eisen (Bonwicke) won Overall German theme Arts & Sciences
Mistress Marthe de Blenkinsop (Trelac) won Non-German Arts & Sciences
Magnus and another new lady from Mendersham were given prizes for being
first time entries in Arts & Sciences.
If I missed someone my apologies.

The MOC of Mendersham had a massive egg hunt for the children and they
all had a good time.
The feast was delightful, filling and delicious. 
 Vivat to Mendersham!

Funny details:
There is a new kind of German brew  (D.P.) that Rosario mistook during
the judging
of the brewing competition. A small just happened to put it up there and
Magnus, Elizabeth and Adelaide were just waiting to see if Rosario would
ever pick it up and drink it. We love you Gouda!

During the feast, a food fight broke out and unfortunately someone was
only popped in the leg with a raw egg. Master Cadwallader began chasing
people (mainly ladies),
with raw eggs after the feast.

Baroness Kayleigh was not dressed in her beautiful clothing  and was
rather pleased at hiking her leg over the baronial thrones.  Lots of fun
Your Excellency!

Santa Clause came in Springtime to give the children pickles.
(He brought all of his four reindogs for the children to walk, thanks
from the smalls.)

My sleeves were rather too long and puffy since I dressed in Renaissance
(not my normal attire), several people thought it would be funny to use
it as a straight jacket for me by tieing them around my back. 

There was one other unusual sort of accessory to a costume, enough said.

It was fun despite the wind because we were in the company of friends.

HL Adelaide  

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