WR - 'Lite Wiessen

Dennis J Dolan djdolan at juno.com
Mon Apr 13 17:52:38 PDT 1998

Here is the recipe for the Wiessen that Rosario liked at a Day in

3 lb Wiessen Malt extract
1 oz Mt Hood Hops
1 package of edme ale yeast

One hour boil, 1/2 oz of hops at 5 minutes into boil (after the boil came
under control)
1/4 oz of hops at 40 minutes
1/4 oz in the last two minutes
fermented for 10 days and bottled with 3/4 cup corn syrup as a primer
fg: 1.10

I hope to see the recipe that got Lord Sigrun mentions...

Sir Doran
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and their
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Chang Yu

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