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><< The Globe Theatre in Odessa, TX will present William Shakespeare's "Hamlet,
> Prince of Denmark" on April 17, 18, 24 and 25 at 8PM.  
>  >>

>Will you be one of the actors?

Yes, I'll be playing Horatio, friend to the "mad" prince.  Unfortunately, this
means that I will miss Octavian again this year because of Shakespeare.  If
anyone in Blacklake is wondering where I have disappeared - now you know.

As to Ghia's request for more information on the Globe:

The idea behind the Globe of the Great Southwest was germinated in one of the
English Literature classes at Odessa High School over 45 years ago.  A student
brought to class a model of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and commented to his
instructor, Mrs. Marjorie Morris, then teaching in high school, that it would
be exciting to have an actual life-size replica of the Globe right here in
Odessa.  This casual remark caught the imagination of Mrs. Morris and fired her
with a zeal which eventually made her dream a reality. The theatre building was
constructed over years as the funds became available. Full-time theatre
activity began in the fall of 1968.

It is located on the campus of Odessa College, is Octagonal in design, and
seats 418.  Because of the unique shape and the building materials . . .
primarily wood and plaster . . . the theatre boasts nearly perfect acoustics.
The 1800 square foot stage is thrust into the audience to create an intimate
actor-audience relationship as it was in Shakespeare's day when groundlings
paid a penny to stand in a semi-circle at the actors' feet.  This same
closeness is felt even in the galleries, which were designed for royalty and
the wealthy of Shakespeare's time.  From these balconies the viewer has an
unobstructed view of the entire stage at a 40 degree angle. 

Again, if you have web access, there are pictures and more information on the
web page: http://www.globesw.org


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