WR - Fabric (was Hamlet)

Ghislaine Fontanneau/Elayne Hoover elyh at wcc.net
Tue Apr 14 22:24:17 PDT 1998


It would be a bad idea for you to go looking for Rolanda's fabric. 
Beware!!! Go No Further!!!! Turn Back Now!!!!  Because if you dare to
open the door to the cloth closet, the closet monster might get you, and
we'll never find you again!  On the other hand, if the closet monster
takes a liking to you, it might hold the flashlight for you while you
count the bolts.


knotwork at juno.com wrote:
> OK, this is getting serious now!  I haven't made a new outfit in years,
> but boy do I have fabric!  Maybe Marthe, Rolanda and I should have a
> contest.  The one with the most cloth wins.  Alden once mentioned this,
> claiming that he and Rolanda were in possession of great quantities of
> fabric.  You guys just haven't seen my back closet and bedroom yet!  I'm
> not proud of the amount of fabric I have.  In fact, it is a shameful
> addiction.  I avoid cloth stores like recovering alcoholics avoid bars,
> and a sale flyer from Hancock's is like a sign saying "Free Beer."  Are
> there 12 steps to Freedom from Fabric?  (1.  I admit to being powerless
> over the diabolical powers of warp and weft...)
> Joanna

Madame Ghislaine Fontanneau 
elyh at wcc.net
"Must'nt complain, Willy.  There's muck in the bottom of everyone's
garbage can."
		--"Dame Ellen"
		   An Actor's Nightmare
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