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Thu Apr 16 09:53:38 PDT 1998

Yea!  You're leaving!  Er... uh... I mean...Congratulations!!  Yeah,
thats it.  I'm not jealous or anything.  Noooo...

Seriously, though, I am very proud of you.  I know you had been sweating
it, but I knew you would make it.  I can't think of anyone more deserving
to make the trip, or anyone who would be able to gain more from the
experience.  You will be able to see England from at least two points of

We will miss you, but look forward to the "debriefing" upon your return. 
Send postcards.  Again, congratulations!


On Thu, 16 Apr 1998 09:59:48 -0500 slwillia <slwillia at hsutx.edu> writes:
>I realize that some of the people who will be reading this do not know
>me, and couldn't care any less, but this notice is for those of you 
>	As you may already know, I have been in limbo for sometime as 
>whether or not I will be going abroad next year. Well, that time is
>	***********************************************
>	***********************************************
>	I will be leaving Sept. 29th, and will not set food on the 
>golden soil
>of Ansteorra again until early June of 1999. I wanted to share this
>piece of good news with all of you that I have come to consider as
>family. I want to have a "going-away-get-together", and I would like 
>hear feedback on when would be a good time from those would would want
>to come. (I want to see all of your smiling faces one last time before 
>	Anyway, now you know. I thought I should tell you all before 
>you had to
>read it in the papers! If you have any questions as to what the
>conditions of my voyage will be, feel free to mail them to me. 
>	In Service,
>		Shanna (Aurelia)
>P.S.- If you know of anyone who is not on this list who knows me,
>please  	pass on this information.
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