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On Thu, 16 Apr 1998 15:57:01 +0900, Ghislaine Fontanneau/Elayne Hoover
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>Lord Larkin O'Kane wrote:
>> Yeah! Go across the Channel and bring her back a Frog!!
>> [6'3", 220 lb., brown hair, hazel eyes, etc. . .]
>> Err,,, come to thing on it,  You stay on this side of the channel. :)
>> Larkin     
>Are you kidding??  There are *no* Frenchmen of that heigth.

Does Madame perhaps forget "The Legion of Foreigners" which has it's
headquarters in Marcelles?  By tradition (and law) each new member of the
Legion takes a new name, swears allegiance to and thus becomes a new
citizen of France.

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