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Also there is no such e-mail address as ACS at aol.com

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>On Wed, 15 Apr 1998, Cad and Martha <cadmartha at drbcom.com>
>sent out the classic JESSICA MYDEK letter.
>1) Chain letters are bad.  Even in a good cause.  Please
>don't send them.
>2) It's false.  There is no evidence of any real Jessica
>Mydek, and the American Cancer Society denies any such
>For a good time^H^H^H^H summary, see
><a href="http://snopes.simplenet.com/spoons/faxlore/mydek.htm">
>which includes:
>    The ACS position is quite simple: they "do not endorse
>    the use of chain letters."  Ever. They've also told me
>    that this particular "use of the Society's name is
>    unauthorized."  Also, they don't know any Jessica
>    Mydek. Indeed, they're doing their level best to
>    investigate where this wild e-mail came from. It
>    certainly wasn't from them. (Check out what they have to
>    say about it at American Cancer Society's web site.)
>The latter is <a href="http://www.cancer.org/chain.html">.
>    Above and beyond my conversations with them, common
>    sense alone should show this up for the hoax it
>    is. Think about it for a sec. One of the primary
>    purposes of the American Cancer Society is the direction
>    funds towards cancer research (and the Society is good
>    at this -- since its inception in the 1950's, it's done
>    exactly that with $1.7 billion). The concept of the ACS
>    "donating" funds towards cancer research is akin to the
>    notion of a hockey player "donating" all the goals he
>    scores to his team.
>    Then there's the matter of unnamed corporate sponsors --
>    there just ain't any such critters. Companies donate
>    monies to worthy causes, and their reward for doing so
>    is becoming identified in the public's mind not only
>    with that particular cause but also with the larger
>    concepts of service to one's community and a sense of
>    social responsibility. These are powerful images to
>    plant in the minds of consumers, far too powerful to
>    just be thrown away by remaining anonymous.
>(There was also a suggestion that "Jessica Mydek" was a
>cloaked obscene phrase -- "just suck-a my dick" -- but that
>may be an example of humans seeing patterns that aren't
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