WR - Fabric (was Hamlet)

ferret at camalott.com ferret at camalott.com
Thu Apr 16 14:51:55 PDT 1998

> Okay, I must say that I have seen Marthe's fabric but never Rolanda's or
> Johanna's. Marthe had a lot and I do mean a lot. Now consider there is
> someone else you may want to put in this contest. HL Augustina has fabric
> out the wasooo too! Maybe you should have a contest but then how are you
> going to determine who has the most? You can't bring it all to an event.
> This poses a good quest!                                 
> HL Adelaide

Umm...guys...? We really don't want to participate in this 
competition... it's not sportsmanlike....(We measure our cloth in 
Storage units....currently a 10 x 20...about 1/4 of which is the 
cloth we *aren't* using at the moment for myriad projects..... And 
that doesn't include what's *in* the house....

Alden (non-recovering Fabriholic)
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