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If your head pealed like a bell, you might have something there.  I only
hear onions ringing when I eat the soup with the funny herbs in it.

(Sorry about that.  It's another one of those "homophone" things. (<; )

The Jewish skull cap is called a yarmulke (pronouncet yah-mah-kah) or a
kepah (sp?) (pronounced KEY-pa).  Mistress Muireall taught me that one.


On Wed, 22 Apr 1998 19:42:53 GMT larkin at webstar.net (Lord Larkin O'Kane)
>On Wed, 22 Apr 1998 10:30:04 -0500, Chiang <chiang at odsy.net> wrote:
>>  I don't expect everyone to participate, and doing it is half the 
>fun. I do have a small mention of something similar in a book on 
>Chinese costumes. I based it on something I saw in a movie only to 
>find out later that I wasn't that far off. I have also found that they 
>make great arming caps under helms, and for those of us light in the 
>hair dept. on the top of our heads, they keep you from burning 
>your head in the sun.
>Heay now, I resemble that remark. After Leipzig the top of my head 
>like an onion. Couldn't keep that darn straw hat on my head and forgot 
>skull-cap [Incidentally, I've got to find documentation for that too. 
>ideas? I know that orthodox Jews wear something similar.]
>>  They are easily done and relatively inexpensive even with good 
>quality fabric, taking only a little over, or right at 5/8ths of a 
>Sounds like a good way to convert some of those loose ends that are 
>sitting around taking up space.  I've been meaning to make rapier 
>out of some of them, but I can use more do-rags than capes :)
>>  Philippa says that we could have an unofficial display at the 
>Regional A&S. If the Autocrat is willing? I will even find a neat 
>prize for that. The two contest will be separate.
>Heck, it might just escalate into an "annual headrag contest." Each
>contestant could enter at least one rag. Winner take all.
>>  Besides that, Larkin, I did think it was a good way to get me lots 
>of headrags and have some fun at the same time.
>Dang tootin'   Wish I had thought of it first.
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