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  What I meant to say is that my personal preference does not run to sequins. I have the fancy black one that Aurellia made for me, it has some nice bead work on the lower edge. I like it a great deal. I also prefer not to wear pastels, I am more inclined to earth tones and somber dark colors. The few obnoxious one I have were gifts or chosen by Philippa to be that way. 
  Of course if the two you make me one I will more than likely wear it just to honor you. Yall can take care of anyone that makes fun of me. 

  Chiang, Minister of Caring & Understanding for the House Crane
 and the Sacrificial Seneschal for the Barony of Bonwicke 

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Are you implying that your masculinity would be called into question by the
mere presence of some paltry sequins?  Bad move sweetheart....you are gonna
be seeing sequins in your sleep by the time we finish with you....evil evil
grin...and Rowena will help me!   she promised
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