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Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Mon Apr 27 07:44:13 PDT 1998

Marcus Hite said something that sounded like:
> would someone with a better memory than mine, post the list of awards
> given at Octavian.

Well unfortunately my memory isn't that good, but I think I at least got
the counts right.

6 AoA's
1 Comet
5 Cranes (including Chaing and the big bear guy from Bonwicke)
1 torn up Crane (never got fully read, doesn't get recorded)
2 Stars (including Larkin)
1 Iris
2 Chivalry elevation announcements (Aaron and ??)

Unfortunately (or is that fortunately) I'm not a herald and have to
write the names down. Of course most of the names being new to me
doesn't help my memory much.

Btw, I had a wonderful weekend and was very glad I attended. Of course
next time, could someone arrange for the winds to pick up *after* we
have the yurts setup. They survive the wind fine after being put up but
not during.


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