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Kim Tucker neassa at swbell.net
Sat Apr 25 15:26:21 PDT 1998

Greetings from Baroness Neassa of Stargate.

I wanted to thank my Noble Cousins Kayleigh and Drake, the Barony of
Bonwicke, and the Western Region for a wonderful weekend. The journey to
the tournament was long, but HRM Richard is quite entertaining,
especially if you keep feeding him Dr. Pepper and candy...

All of the help setting up camp on Friday night was greatly appreciated.
This allowed both of us time to visit with old friends and new, and to
enjoy the beautiful sky full of stars which we here in the Stargate
cannot see.

Saturday's tournaments were a lot of fun to watch, especially the
"animals" of the chivalric field. The opening _minutes_ of the bout
between Don Jeremy's cadets were equally amusing on the rapier side. I
regret saying that I missed the A&S display, but the bardic competition
Saturday night was very good; it was refreshing to hear so many original
pieces of work. I want to give special thanks to the kind and talented
lady who provided the feast for the Royal Family and Landed Nobility. It
was delicious, and we all regretted the loss of the strawberry sauce
that ended up in Duke Kein's pants.

There has been some discussion of the awards given out in Saturday
night's court. I did not get the scrolls to the heralds in time for
either of them to make a list of the recipients, however, I believe His
Majesty is working on that list and he will messenger it to the herald
who ran Their Excellencies court soon. Please give His Majesty a day or
two (or three...) to get that prepared, then contact the good herald for
details. One side note about court: I thought Lady Nicola's Sable Crane
was delivered with exquisite timing, since she was in the middle of
running an errand for HRM Richard when she received it.

It was good to meet so many people Saturday night and put names and
faces together. (Yes, Pug, I now know who you are, but rest assured that
my memory for names is terrible, so you are safe from me.) I am looking
forward to my next visit to the Western Region, and also to finding the
"good gentle" who used the bread twisty-tie to lock together the three
zippers on the outside of the tent in the wee hours of Sunday morning. 

With love,
Baroness Neassa
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